Spice up game night with tellitall!

tellitall creates conversation and genuine connection by sharing old stories and making new memories in a low-stakes, high-fun way.

How to play

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Playing tellitall Is Easy

Experience storytelling connection in 3 steps:

1. Someone pulls a story prompt card.

2. Everyone else shares a true story based on the prompt.

3. The person who drew the card picks their favorite story that was shared.

First player to win 3 prompts wins

The results: A rush of endorphins is likely to increase your life by 3-5 minutes.*

*not tested on humans

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tellitall is a storytelling game that lets you really get to know the people you’re playing with. It’s beautifully illustrated, easy to learn and a surefire way to hear some crazy stories – even from people you’ve known your whole life.

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"Sharing these types of stories is what made us friends."

There are certain human experiences that are universal. Fear. Joy. Laughter. Embarrassment. No matter where you’re from and what your background is, we can all connect with a good story.

Each prompt card is designed to create conversations through relatable experiences.

Great experience overall.

I think you’ve made a wonderful card game that feels like the perfect icebreaker or deep dive with friends. I recently took it with me on a guys’ trip to Puerto Rico and the storytelling got deep!

~ 2 months ago

I love the illustrations on the cards.

I can see people taking these cards on a vacation or breaking them out at a dinner party, and just answering the questions as a way to get to know people or break the ice. 

Last week

The art in your game is fantastic and I love telling stories!

The art in your game is fantastic and I love telling stories!


David photo

Why this game? Why now?

Every year I do something different for my birthday and in 2019 I came up with a storytelling game.  I wanted to hear the weirdest stories my friends had to offer and I struck gold.  I heard new stories from my friends that helped me get to know them better.  From there I was hooked and played the game every chance I got with people all over the world.

Fast forward a few years and Putin invaded Ukraine (that story took a turn…)  Our designer, Anna, lives in Kyiv and she’s the best.  With her life turned upside down, tellitall became a way to stay connected and a fun creative outlet.

Our mission is to use the money from this game to help support Ukraine.

"Spice up game night with this game!"

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