Unleash Epic Conversations: Get Ready to Tell-It-All!

A card game that flips boring chit-chat on its head, tellitall is your golden ticket to turning blah conversations into a riot of fun, nonsense, and those ‘did we really just talk about that?’ moments.

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How to play

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Playing tellitall conversation cards is easy

Experience storytelling connection in 3 steps:

1. Pull a conversation story prompt from the conversation card deck

2. Everyone else shares a true story based on the card

3. The person who drew from the card deck picks their favorite story that was shared

First player to win 3 prompts wins

Alternatively: You can just share stories and have a great time!



TellItAll isn’t just conversation cards; it’s an expedition into the wild side of laughter and bonding. With slick designs and prompts that’ll have you oversharing like a reality TV star, this game turns any event from a cozy confession session to an ice-breaking extravaganza. Perfect for nights when you’re ready to laugh till you cry and learn way more about your friends than you bargained for. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of TMI and unexpected connections!

Its portability and simplicity make it a hit for deepening friendships and sparking unforgettable conversations. Experience the joy of discovery and shared laughter with every card in tellitall.

"Sharing these types of stories is what made us friends."

The card game that smashes through the polite dinner chat.  It’s your secret passageway to the land of bizarre tales and universal awkwardness that somehow, magically, brings us all closer. 

These aren’t just conversation starters; they’re your ticket to a world where stories collide and everyone gets to be awkwardly, wonderfully human together.

This is a perfect game for playing with old friends or, as my favorite an icebreaker with new people. This has quickly become my go-to game, and I love that you can play with a variety of group sizes. 

~ 2 months ago

Overall these questions are great to getting to know people. You never know what people have been through unless you ask

Last week

I shared these at a party nearly 20 women and they were an instant hit, that got the night not just started, but ended well into the wee hours. The cards made us feel so close and connected, even though we were just acquaintances.



From Inspiration to Solidarity: The tellitall Journey

In 2019, the concept for tellitall was sparked, aiming to uncover unique and entertaining stories among friends. It evolved into a tool for fostering connections globally and provided support during crises. Amidst the conflict in Ukraine, the game offered comfort and a sense of community, especially for our Kyiv-based designer, Anna. tellitall now embodies more than storytelling; it represents a dedication to supporting Ukraine, symbolizing solidarity and creative resilience with each play.

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